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Calladine's specialise in Surface Dressing, also known as Tar & Chipping. 

The road to be surfaced to be dressed has to be prepared, so things like pot holes, cracks and road edge breakup have to be repaired. We also have to protect any drains or inspection covers that maybe in the existing road.

Calladine's then with our bitumen tanker spray the hot bitumen onto the prepared road surface. This is then followed by our chip spreader that finishes the surface of the road. The chips can be any hard wearing product, such as washed gravel, right through to granite. The surface is then rolled with a road roller.

The bitumen locks the chippings and seals the road to prevent water getting into the foundation of the road. Surface dressing also restores the skid resistance, and surface drainage of the road, and enhances its appearance.

The Surface dressing method is very widely used, as it is a low cost effective method of road maintenance.

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